q Beyond the Surface of Vinyl: Exploring Benefits You Never Knew Existed

April 25

Beyond the Surface of Vinyl: Exploring Benefits You Never Knew Existed


Vinyl usually takes the cake when choosing building and flooring materials. According to The Spruce, vinyl flooring often comes in two main types: luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and vinyl plank flooring (VPF). These types have gained popularity due to their realistic appearance, ease of installation, and resistance to moisture. Keep reading to explore the fantastic benefits of vinyl and why you may want to consider this option for your next flooring project.


Vinyl is trendy due to its low cost. Vinyl plank floors provide the same aesthetic appeal as hardwood floors but at a fraction of the price. You can also often get faux stone vinyl flooring for a fraction of the cost. This affordability makes it possible for every homeowner to remodel their house without breaking the bank.


These products might be affordable, but that doesn’t mean they will break easily. Vinyl plank floors are known for their exceptional durability. Most planks lock into place to create a floor that can resist moisture, ensuring you won’t have to worry about mold under your new floors. They can handle wear and tear and high traffic. Not only that, but they don’t scratch or scuff easily like hardwood floors sometimes do.


Vinyl flooring doesn’t require the same maintenance that other floor types do. You won’t have to use special cleaners as you do for hardwood flooring or worry about the grout on natural stone tile floors. Instead, you can easily use a regular cleaner to mop your floor. Sweeping and mopping are generally the only maintenance required to keep vinyl floors looking their best.


Vinyl is available in many colors and patterns. You can even opt for vinyl plank floors that look like natural wood or stone. Some homeowners are even able to put grout between these tiles to ensure they look like a real stone floor. The possibilities are endless when it comes to vinyl flooring.


Vinyl plank flooring offers a faster installation process than other flooring types. This type of flooring is usually thin enough to be laid over existing floors. Floating floors are popular because homeowners don’t have to rip up old floors, making the installation process faster and cheaper.

Vinyl plank flooring can give you the look you want at a price you can afford. These floors are durable and ideal for busy households. We also offer wood flooring, tile, carpet, and more. Contact us at SA Flooring Perfections Inc when you’re ready to learn more.


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