How long will this take?

We've developed an air-tight process over the past decade that puts our customers first. We're experienced installers which makes us experts at anticipating possible bumps in the road. Our flooring experts are trained to help create a plan that avoids day-of fires. This is why we're known for rapid results, often getting in and out within 7 days - a huge relief to most of our customers who are used to waiting months for their floors! Give us a call at 210-239-9172 to start creating the flooring plan of your dreams.

What if I don't know which floors are right for me?

No problem! This is what we're here for. We'll start my understanding as much about you, your lifestyle, and your family as possible. Once we understand the vision you have for your space and how you'll use it on a daily basis, we can help you choose preferences like colors, style, textures, and design. We're not just here to get the job done - we're here to make it an enjoyable experience!

What if delays occur?

Sometimes life can be unpredictable. It happens. The good news? We're here for you every step of the way. If anything unexpected happens, you can expect to hear from our team leaders, Cathy or Greg Seigerman, who also happen to be Owners of our company. We are hands on and communication-first leaders. Expect to get frequent check ins and a counter plan that will help alleviate any headaches. We've been installing floors for over a decade and it's likely that we've seen it all! We don't outsource our customer service to contractors. Instead, we take full, 100% accountability to get your job done right.

What is the installation process like?

This is a question we hear alot - it's understandable that you'd be nervous about the installation process because it's happening inside your home! Our system is designed to make you and your family as comfortale as possible. Our super fast processing times will improve your experience from the start. We also take charge of the moving and protection phase of the project. No longer will you have to worry about being charged to move every individual piece of furniture. Instead, we'll move your furniture for you and protect your walls, floorboards, and anything left behind. If you have a question, Cathy will be on the phone with you in no time.

What if I'm nervous about having strangers in my home?

This is a common and understandable fear. Unfortunately, many other flooring companies hire contractors to install their floors in your home. Often, they don't know these contractors personally and they don't have a longstanding working relationship with them. This might result in cheaper costs for the company, but it doesn't lead to a great exerpience for you. With SA Flooring Perfections, we wanted to create a crew that we trusted like family because we wanted to make sure they did a great job for our customers - and that's exactly what we did. Our lead installers have been with us for over a decade now, and they are just as savvy and knowledgable as our co-founders. When it comes to your flooring experience, we don't leave things to chance.

Why do your prices seem a bit higher than another store I visited?

Flooring is often like visiting a theme park. They run these great, fun looking commercials advertising one sales price to enjoy the day. But when you take your family and you're ready to party, you don't realize that there are hundreds of hidden cost they failed to mention at the outset. $20 for parking, $10 for lockers, $50 to enter the waterpark, $1 per arcade game, $25 to ride the extra special featured ride...the list goes on and on. We wanted to create a business that eliminated this awful customer experience. We're passionate about floors; we're not here to nickle and dime you. That's why we bundle our flooring package to include the labor, materials, and glue. We also include furniture moving and a cleaning kit. When you're floor shopping making sure to understand what all of the hidden costs are. We prefer to offer up-front, fair pricing from the outset. We find it sets a great, positive tone for our working relationship. Happy Shopping!