At SA Flooring Perfections we're on a mission to serve San Antonio Families with the best quality flooring at the most affordable prices. And we don't stop there. Our flooring installation process was handcrafted by our family to create an experience unlike any other on the market. 

We Love Military City

We're proud to live in San Antonio, Texas aka Military City. As a young girl, Cathy Seigerman remembers growing up in a military family. Her father was an active duty service member and now, her brother and brother-in-law also serve in the military. As a family who is grateful and proud of their military heritage, the Seigerman's happily give special discounts to military families and retired military families. As we work hard in business to provide for our family, we never lose sight of the brave men and women who've sacrificed to make all of this possible. Thank you. We love you.

SA Flooring Army Uniform
SA Flooring Army Choppers
SA Flooring US Military Star

Our mission is to bring you

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PRIDE in the elegance, style, and usefulness of the floors that enliven your home. 

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JOY in the sheer beauty of gifting yourself floors you can admire and enjoy every day.

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PEACE OF MIND that your installation team is looking out for you and your family.

COMFORT knowing that you've saved time, money, and energy with up-front, fair pricing.

HAPPINESS when you step on your fresh new floors for the very first time

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Hardwood Flooring and
more for San Antonio & Bulverde, TX
San Antonio, TX

If you've ever spent weeks waiting for a call-back or been behind schedule by months with your house in disarray, you know the value of working with a team that cares about customer service. Our goal is not only to meet your expectations - it's to exceed your expectations. That means making the flooring process convenient. Here's how we make it happen: 

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Expect a personal connection with your Flooring Expert. This isn't just salesmanship, it's personalized service. Next, when you schedule your installation, our co-founder, Cathy, is behind the scenes making sure everything goes off without a hitch. This alone has resulted in one of the fastest installation times on the market.

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We don't make distance a barrier to communication. If you can't make it to us, we'll travel to you. It's that simple. 

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SA Flooring Perfections Inc is a full service flooring company. We were founded on the principals of excellence in service, competitive pricing, professionalism and most of all, complete accountability for all aspects of your flooring project.
SA Flooring Perfections Inc specializes in hardwood, laminate, carpet, tile, vinyl and stone. We are here for you every step of the way! We offer FREE estimates. We can help you find the right material for your home and lifestyle.
Tile Flooring